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Custellence lets you build customer journey maps by collaborating in a cloud based system so that you can put your customer insights into action

Some of our customers:

”Moderna Försäkringar is focused on building the best possible experience for our customers based on an understanding of their journey, it was in our search for tools to help us do this better that we discovered Custellence. After a few days with Custellence we were able to engage and get everyone onboard. It was like rocket fuel in our development process. Custellence makes it easy to agree on customer needs and prioritise based on them. It’s easier to moderate discussions and make decisions when we’re looking at the same goals, instead of getting stuck in design details. This is why I love Custellence!”
Anna Kilander
Customer Development Manager
Modern Insurances / Moderna Försäkringar
“With the help of Transformator Design and Custellence we now have a deeper understanding of our customers - their needs and behaviours. The customer journeys and the detailed digitalization map based on those, help us see how it’s all connected. We use them in daily short term work as well as in long term prioritization and decisions making."
Christina Schiller
Head of Communications
”Engaging people, keeping the bigger picture in mind and collaborating without having to be in the same room are important aspects in this project. We hope to find and solve uncovered spots in the customer journey and fuse new collaborations leading to a better situation for refugees’”
Pia McAleenan
Project Manager
Co-lab Sweden

Always keep your priorities right - in line with your customers dreams

It’s challenging to work outside-in. Use Custellence to anchor your business solutions to specific customer needs and ensure that your change management maintains focused on your customer.

Turn great ambitions into love from your customers

Customer centricity is not a project, it’s a way to manage your organization. Use Custellence to make the customer journey to a continuously updated living document - a plan for continuous improvement.

Organize and maintain ownership of your customer insights

Your customer insights are an important asset. Use Custellence to ensure a functional information architecture not dependent on consultants or individual - make it a part of your structural capital.

Flexible with no predefined forms. You can be creative and work as you want

All organizations are different and have different needs whether it’s about how to implement, structure, or delegate responsibilities. In Custellence you create the structure and templates that fit your organization.

How do I get started?

Try Custellence out for 30 days. This is a great way to find out what Custellence can do for your organization.

Do you represent a company or organization in transformation?

If you want to learn more about how to use Custellence in your organization, send us a note. We know how difficult it can be to focus on customer centricity, but custellence is built up from insights about how to do just that, so if you want to dig deeper, there are layers of wisdom behind the system that we will gladly share with you. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We promise we don’t bite.

We’re also happy to adjust Custellence to your specific needs. We can help with everything from adjusting Custellence to firewall issues to tailor it to your branding.

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Custellence partners:

Custellence can also be purchased via a network of Custellence Partners. A Custellence Partner is a consulting firm experienced in helping organizations with successful customer centricity and customer journey work where Custellence is an integrated part.

Are you an agency?

If you are a customer experience professional or a service designer, or if you use customer journeys as a key tool in transformation and outside-in processes we’re happy to partner with you.

In our experience, Custellence is a quick, collaborative, and efficient tool in building and sharing living customer journeys. This creates a quicker and more creative process which saves you time, and the more value you create for your client, the more they’ll love you. We’re happy to have partners in making this world better, so get in touch if you want to have a chat.

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Where is my data stored?

Your data is private. We have no access to your maps and content unless you ask us for technical support.

What does it cost?

It doesn’t cost anything for the first 30 days, but if you want to buy licences for continued use please mail us at so that we can provide you with a quote.

Can I export my data?

You can always export your data from Custellence. Maybe to finalize your maps in Illustrator or similar applications or put them in Powerpoint presentations.

Or if you want to stop using Custellence. If you don’t want to stay, it is easy to move out. Simply export your content to Adobe pdf format files. We will be sad and miss you, but we will never lock you in.

About us

Who made this?

Custellence is developed by one of the world's first service design & customer experience agencies. Transformator Design have helped hundreds of organizations to foster love from their customers throughout the past 18 years. Custellence was developed to enable organizations to transform and focus on customer needs, as well as coordinating and creating concrete solutions to address those needs.

Custellence is a result of a close cooperation with the Swedish Railways (SJ), Landshypotek Bank and Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you want us to give you a demo we can offer thies as well. If we won't be able to visit you on location we are happy to provide an online demo.

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