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The Custellence story

Custellence has its roots in the field of service design, and Daniel Ewerman our founder and CEO, is a well-recognized service design pioneer. Prior to Custellence he co-founded the service design agency Transformator Design in 1998.

The development of Custellence started in 2014, based on the vision to create the most professional, versatile and collaborative journey mapping tool for customer experience professionals.

Today Custellence is used in many different kinds of industries where it enables organizations to work strategically and systematically with their customer-experience ambitions. Custellence is built to be used in all stages of development - from exploration to implementation and beyond – so you can create the amazing experiences that your customers will love.

Our vision

We believe it’s possible to create a more empathic world. A world where understanding and connection is fundamental, and where we care for one another and our planet. And where companies put their customers in the front and center, and make all critical business decisions with the customer at heart.

Our mission

To deliver the best tool that helps organisations align their efforts around shared customer journeys, to prioritise activities that have a positive impact on people and on the business, and to grow a customer centric-culture.

Our core values and principles

Customer centricity - everything we do is based on insights into the customer's needs. We respect our customers and care about them. Even when they do weird things and don’t understand our “genius solutions” they are our heroes because we learn from them every day!

Passion - Our prime recruiting principle is that “Dreams are superior to your CV”. We prefer to listen more to what a person wants ahead, instead of what they have done before. We also recognize passion as a strong motivator and driver for great thinking. And focusing on the fun stuff can also be a great way to prioritize.

Honesty - We dare to be ourselves and we strive to have an environment where people can be true to themselves as well as respecting others.

We believe in people - We don’t have employees at Custellence, only colleagues. We mutually respect each other and trust people’s own ability to lead themselves towards a distinct goal. Everyone knows where we are going and use their passion, gifts, and skills to move in that direction.

No micromanagement - We believe that the person closest to the problem can make the best decisions. And since we employ the smartest people, why should we tell them what to do?

We get things done - A culture that embraces mistakes is crucial for bravery, curiosity, and growth. We believe that “The best is the enemy of the good”. And in our team, mistakes are appreciated, because people who don't dare to make mistakes end up not doing much good either.

Kindness and generosity - We have a prestigeless mentality and try to help each other shine instead of competing with each other. We believe that generosity is a winning concept. We are a part in a value-creating network and try to team up with people and teams out there instead of building defense walls.

Gender and sexuality equality - We have total equality between genders and strive for a good gender mix. We respect everybody uniqueness and never take any gender norms for granted.

Transparency - The decision process at Custellence process is inclusive, democratic and transparent.

Sustainability - We aim for a zero carbon footprint. Wouldn’t it be super cool to set the global journey mapping standard without making any flights?

Bold & global ambitions - Yes, we want to become the standard tool and own the category. If you can think it you can make it! In everything we do we think globally. Things we do locally is just a testbed before scaling or automating.

The Team

Custellence is run by a small and customer centricity devoted team with offices in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö - Sweden.

Board of Directors

  • Johan Crona | One of Sweden's most experienced experts in fast growing B2B SaaS companies. Technology investor with 15+ years experience from starting and developing technology based startups.

  • Mikael Balkö | 20 + years of experience as a founder, chairman and highly successful business builder of several fast growing companies in the field of Management, IT and Development.

Technical development

Technical development in close collaboration with our friends at Stockholm Code Group

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Give us a shout at hello.custellence.com

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