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How Long Does it Take to Make a Customer Journey Map?

Is it possible to create a Customer Journey Map in a day? Or do you have to spend months on customer research before you even start mapping? Here are some guidelines on how to consider the time and effort spent in relation to the quality and use of your customer journey map.


How long does it actually take to make a Journey Map? The quick answer is: it depends! If you base your journey map on customer research it will obviously take longer than if you create it on assumptions, but on the other hand you will get more reliable insights this way. It also depends on the level of detail you go into when mapping. Naturally a journey map on a level 4 will take longer than a map at level 2. Learn more about the detail level framework in the article How detailed should my journey map be?

As with everything, you will have to weight the time and effort spent against the usefulness and value of the map. For instance you can create a journey map that is assumption based on a level 2 in a day. It might not be a map to base heavy investments for change on, but if your purpose is to get started with journey mapping, or to build empathy and buy-in from colleagues it is a good start.

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