The Elevator Pitch for Customer Journey Mapping

You have three floors to go and less than a minute - what do you say? You are convinced that Customer Journey Mapping is great for creating better customer and user experiences. But do you have your boss’ ear? Or are you struggling to get the not-so-convinced colleagues onboard?

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a short and powerful Elevator Pitch for CJM, to help you spark your stakeholders’ interest and convince people that Customer Journey Mapping is here to stay - and worth investing in :)

If you want to lead the customer experience agenda and advocate the greatness of Customer Journey mapping, you will probably find that not everyone will buy your ideas right away. Especially if you are suggesting new ways of thinking and new methods and tools for working. An Elevator Pitch is  a short and clear value proposition that can be used in a variety of situations to convince colleagues, stakeholders, and key decision makers.

Here’s the Elevator Pitch

“Hi {name}!”

“Did you know that we could increase our revenue with 15%, and our customer satisfaction with 20%, while at the same time lowering the cost to serve with up to 20%? Yep, that’s how much an overall improved Customer Experience can impact our business.”
(That’s actually a fact, and here is the article from McKinsey)

“But you know what I think? I’m not sure that we really focus enough on the things that matter to our customers.”

“Now, I have a solution to this: We have a lot of insights that we don’t structure in a meaningful way, so we can’t make much of them right now.”

“That’s why we should start Customer Journey Mapping. It’s a powerful way to turn our insights into ideas, solutions, and priorities.”

“Customer Journey Maps are visual and actionable and will spark a passion among our colleagues, to improve in line with our customers’ needs.”

“And, you know, all organizations have customer journeys, some just don’t know what they look like. Which kind are we?”

Go ahead, try it out! This short speech introduces Customer Journey Mapping in a quick and compelling way. The purpose of your elevator pitch is either to raise interest, to get mandate, or even a “GO!” , depending on who you are meeting. If you make it really great you might even get a: “Can we afford not to do Customer Journey Mapping?”

Remember to rehearse so that you are ready when you get the chance. Good luck spreading the word on the importance of Customer Journey Mapping and start getting people committed to your customer-centric roadmap!

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