Customer Journey Mapping: Where In the Map do I Start?

A question that almost always arises when you start mapping the customer journey is: where in the map do I start? Or, where does the customer journey start and where does it end? What customer activity should be the first? Instead of getting stuck, trying to find the definite starting-point of the customer journey, here is a better way to go about it:

Start in the Customer Phase named “during” , which is the phase where you meet the customer in your own delivery touchpoints and processes. Start mapping here, and then you can continue to work your way backwards and forwards. The secret is that you don’t have to map the journey in the chronological order right away, but instead work your way back and forth as you explore the customer’s journey. Ask questions like, what happened before that, what happens after this and you will see how the journey map grows.

Read all about the structure of journey maps, the elements you use when building them, and how to assemble each part, in our Step-by-step guide

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