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Which Customer Journeys Should I Start With?

There are so many customer journeys waiting to be mapped and you have limited resources. How should you prioritize? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. You might be in a situation where you have to prove that customer centricity is valuable, not only for the customers but also for the organization. Here are a few tips to help you pick a customer journey.

Start with a customer journey where customer experience has an impact on important KPI:s

This might be an obvious one, but equally vital. There might be plenty of other customer journeys that for a number of reasons could be important to map. But if you need to make your case and show tangible results, it’s always a good idea to start where you can show business impact. So pick a journey where improvements in customer experience will affect performance metrics - and you will get the trust and confidence to continue your customer experience initiative.

Start with a journey where results reach the customer

Look for a journey where you have the greatest chance of implementing your changes. Where the solution also reaches the customer (i e improves the customer experience) and thereby affects your customer KPI:s. This might also be an obvious advice, but trust us, we have seen a lot of effort going into customer experience projects that have gotten stuck or been heavily delayed because of internal systems or complex processes. So try to find your “low hanging”-customer journeys that are implementable and that makes a difference in the customer journeys to start with.

Start within an area where you have the mandate to influence

One factor that will determine your success is how much you will be able to influence the decisions and activities that will come from your journey mapping. That’s why you should focus on areas where you have the mandate to make decisions, get funding, or have the ability to influence leaders and important stakeholders.

Start small scoped, instead of starting with the most important, the most critical or the most comprehensive area

It is often very tempting to start with an end-to-end journey, or within a business area with the potential of great impact. There is so much to improve, right? However, if you are in the beginning of your journey mapping-practice, it is often overwhelming to start with too large of a scope. It is always better to start small, show the results, and then scale it.

Simply start anywhere, and show results rather than arguing with colleagues

Just pick any customer journey, and start working. Make sure to present the results and show the progress you have made, even if it is on a small scale. Show the change you have accomplished. Do you have metrics or any KPI:s to support your case, that’s even better! That way you’ll be able to show tangible results, rather than getting stuck in arguments on whether or not you should start journey mapping.


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