Why Customer Experience is a Team Sport

Do you want your Customer Journey initiative to become more successful? Read our insider’s tips on why you should share your journey maps with as many as possible — and who to invite to your cross-functional dream team.

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Here is the thing: we have noticed a correlation between the number of people that our customers invite to view and collaborate on a map, and the reported success of their Customer Journey initiatives.

Why? Quite simply because Customer Experience can never be a one-man-show. Neither should it be the responsibility of one department only. CX is everybody’s business! That’s why you shouldn’t keep your Customer Journey Maps exclusively to yourself, or even to a small group of people. Success will come sooner if you share your maps with as many as possible.

So, who do you invite?

Except for your usual team of CX folks, consider the people you need for practical reasons. That is, for executing the project. Start scouting team members from:

  • Sales / Marketing — to help incorporate the early “before” steps in the Customer Journey.
  • Business Development — to help change the actual offer and service and connect to the “during” phase.
  • Research/Insights department — to constantly provide insights about the customers and to get hold of any existing insights or data.
  • IT department — to make things happen you most often need to involve someone from IT.
  • CXO / COO — or similar. Find a sponsor for whom the Customer Journey is important for reaching her objectives. This way you’ll secure your mandate and long-term support and access to resources/budget.

Secondly, invite people that might not be crucial for execution, but nevertheless are really important. Who are your influencers? Find both the already convinced ones as well as your skeptics and let them take part.

Be transparent, encourage collaboration and remember to start implementing the Customer Journey Map before you try to implement any changes. This way, you’ll be able to create a customer centric view across departments — as well as boost commitment, engagement and co-operation.

Go ahead and try it yourself and watch how sharing and collaboration will add rocket fuel to your customer centric transformation!

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