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Get started right away with Custellence. The intuitive interface with the right amount of journey mapping "smartness" let you create journey maps in no time. 

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"It saves me time! I've tried other tools and they're killing me. I can just start wherever I want and put down what's in my head. Custellence helps me evolve along with the customer journey and goes along with our discovery process."
Jin Wan, Senior Customer Experience Designer,
New Zealand Post

The perfect map every time

Customer journey maps, user maps, service blueprints, experience maps. No matter what sort of map you are creating. No matter how big or small. Or how many maps you need. Custellence is flexible and lets you build the perfect map every time.

No learning required

Create journey maps and service blueprints from day one, with no manual to read.

This tool, designed for journey mapping, lets you create and build maps quick and easy:

  • Add cards and lanes with a simple click
  • Easy editing with drag-and-drop cards and lanes
  • Add cards between cards anywhere in the map and voila! - the map rearranges accordingly

The freedom to create any look

Instead of a grid structure, the flexible lane-based interface in Custellence allows you to customize your journey maps to fit your business challenges:  

  • Create any number of lanes 
  • Unlimited number of cards lets you create any size of a map 
  • The flexible lengths of cards let you combine overlapping activities in your customer journey lanes  
  • Add your own touch on maps using icons, images, and your brand colors 

Let your maps evolve over time

Feel confident when dealing with uncertainty during your discovery and testing. You can safely start mapping without knowing the final result. In Custellence it's easy to rearrange and edit content and you don't have to decide on the final form of your journey maps before you start. 

  • The drag-and-drop interface lets you rearrange cards with ease
  • Copy lanes from one map to another to save time. 
  • Add cards and lanes anywhere and whenever, the map rearranges automatically.

Don't know where to start? Try our templates

Get inspired, save time, and get started faster with our popular templates. They are based on real projects and created by our customer journey mapping experts.

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