Custellence announces $0.4M funding

We can proudly announce a seed investment from prominent investors formed by a group of key people behind Centigo and Accigo.

Putting customers needs at the heart of businesses is today an absolute must. With customer centricity increasingly becoming crucial tools to manage it become cornerstones. The most efficient models for visualising customer needs, the Customer Journey Map, User Map, Experience Map, Service Blueprint are today established and widely used far beyond the field of service design, where they once were invented. Custellence is a simple, intuitive, yet versatile and highly collaborative and executive Customer Journey Mapping tool designed for the growing number of customer experience professionals.

Photo by Sergii Bozhko on Unsplash

“Custellence are now entering a new era of product development and business growth, when separated from their birthplace, Transformator Design, since the 1st of September 2017. We are very happy to have the investing team on board. They form a great contribution with experience, entrepreneurship and we share central values about business growth,” says Daniel Ewerman, CEO at Custellence.

One of the main investors Mikael Balkö says: “I see a huge potential in how Custellence is transforming the way organisations work with customer centricity. We strongly believe that organisations with an ability to offer the most attractive services will be the most successful in the long run. When we got the chance to be a part in the development of a new tool for service design, it was an easy decision. We have great confidence in the two founders, Daniel Ewerman and Olof Bendt, with their proven track record of entrepreneurship and software development.”

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