Easy to work with.
Easy to get buy-in.

The journey mapping tool for customer journey managers and CX professionals. Discover the powerful features that simplify your journey mapping work.

Easy to use

Custellence saves time and gives you confidence by having an intuitive
interface combined with the right amount of journey mapping smartness.

No learning required

  • Start without any manuals - Create journey maps and service blueprints from day one
  • Easy editing - drag and drop cards and lanes
  • The unique "Smart insert" lets you add stuff in the middle of a map and the map rearranges accordingly

Inspiring to work with

  • Create graphically appealing maps without being a designer
  • Add your own touch on maps using icons, images and various colours from a palette
  • Use inspiring best-practice templates for ideas or as checklists

Encourages discovery

  • Start on journey maps without knowing the final result
  • Feel confident when dealing with discovering, testing and uncertainty
  • Helps you manage the messiness of journey mapping

Capture the depth

  • Capture both the big picture & deeper levels of the customer journey
  • Add insights, quotes & customer data without worrying about a cluttered map
  • Easy-to-understand complex or large customer journeys
"It saves me time! I've tried other tools and they're killing me. I can just start wherever I want and put down what's in my head. Custellence helps me evolve along with the customer journey and goes along with our discovery process."
Jin Wan, Senior Customer Experience Designer,
New Zealand Post

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash

Easy to get buy-in

Every detail in the software is built for you to succeed with putting the
customer journey on the agenda of the management:

  • Create a visually strong and convincing customer case that will resonate with managers and stakeholders
  • Be able to convey key points about your customer journeys to the rest of your organisation
  • Feel confident when walking someone through and presenting the customer story
My job is to bring the customer story into the company while my colleagues work on their objectives. Time is a critical resource, and no one wants to look at long and complex documents.You only have a short time, and when I present a Custellence-map I get attention quickly and people get curious and want to know more.
Stephan Limpert, Head of Customer Experience & Quality Management,
StepStone Germany

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