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Creating great customer experience is a teamwork. Sharing maps, collaborating with your team and managing the people and journey maps in your Custellence workspace is easy and smooth.

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"The customer journeys and the detailed digitalization map based on those, help us see how it’s all connected. We use them in daily short term work as well as in long term prioritization and decisions making."
Christina Schiller, Head of Communications

Manage teams and maps in your Custellence workspace

Bring your team together. Share and collaborate on journey maps to strengthen your customer focus:

  • Invite members to your Custellence workspace and enjoy easy sharing and collaboration 
  • Set different levels of access on maps depending on a member's role 
  • Collaborate on maps IRL or remotely  
  • Send passcode protected links to stakeholders to allow viewing of your work without having to sign up or log in

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Follow important changes in the maps

Make sure you know what's going on in your Custellence workspace. Keep track of who’s done what in a card, on a lane or in the workspace. For maps you want to track, simply click "follow" to get notified of changes.  

Connect your customer journey maps with your workflow

Stay close to your customer journeys at all times -  even after the discovery phase.

Use links to connect a lane or a map to your other collaboration tools (like Google, Slack, Jira, Trello, Asana) and you'll never be far away from your customer insights. 

Use your journey maps as change plans

There's no need to toggle between one map for the AS-IS and one for the TO-BE state.

Instead, use the "status settings" on the cards to show if something is going to be developed, be removed, or should stay as it is.

Feel confident about your data

Rest assure that we continuously work to not only meet but exceed the security standards and regulations on data and personal security that our users expect from us. 

  • Set different user access to your maps in the tool
  • Secure team collaboration and access with SSO (single-sign-on) 
  • GDPR compliant

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Comments on maps

This means you can share a map with a colleague and they will be able to leave comments in the map.

A great way to involve your colleagues and get important input on your work.

Trusted by successful Customer Experience teams around the world:

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