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What kind of journey maps can I create in Custellence?
Any kind! Whether it is a user map, empathy map, experience map, employee map or service blueprint you want to create, you have the necessary structure paired with a lot of freedom in Custellence to make a all kinds of maps.

Can I create maps from templates?
Yes - either by creating a copy of any of your own maps, or by using one of our templates in the tool. If there are any templates or sample maps you think are missing from Custellence, please give us a shout at and we’ll make sure to create them.

What can I upload in Custellence?
You can upload almost any file to your maps in Custellence: Texts, photos, films, or other documents. It is easy to do by linking the file you want to upload to a card (via the URL). Depending on your plan, you can store from 1 MB to 500 MB of content in your maps.

Does Custellence have an image or Icon library?
Yes - We have lots if icons and are currently building a nice image library so that you’ll be able to personalize the maps and make them even more visual

Can I add my own Icons?
No - but we have lots to choose from. And if you need a certain icon, just give us a shout at and we will try to fix it.

In what formats can I export my maps and what can I do with them?
When downloading maps in Custellence you will receive a vector based pdf.
Read more about how to download a map

Can I connect Custellence to other digital productivity or process- tools?
Yes - any tool that can handle URL-links can be connected to Custellence. You can either point to a map or a card in Custellence from other tools, or link to other tools by writing their URL:s in a Custellence map. Custellence automatically creates a clickable link.
Read more about how to create a customer journey-ecosystem

Teamwork and sharing

How do I share and collaborate with team members on my maps?
If you have the Professional plan you can invite others to collaborate in your map. First, you need to invite to collaborate or to view. Then, set the permissions for each of your team member. All this is done in the Menu in the upper right corner in the map.

What different permissions can I set on a map?
• Viewers have the right to view the map
• Editors have the right also to edit the map
• Admins have the right to edit and share the map
• Owner is the owner of the map, and the only one that can delete a map

Can I share my map with others with the Free Forever plan?
Yes - you can share a link to the map for others, and they can view the map.

If I share an URL link, will Google “see” it?
No - viewers need to have the exact URL to be able to visit and view your map.

If I change my email address, will i still have access to maps someone shared with me?
Yes - you will still have access to the same maps.

Can I set different access rights on my team members?
Yes, as the owner or an admin of a workspace, you can give your members different roles which reflect their level of access to the workspace. In addition to members, the owner and admins can also manage workspace guests (i.e. users with access to at least one map in your workspace but who are not members of your workspace).

Safety and confidentiality

Is my content confidential?
Yes - Your content is confidential. As our terms and conditions states, we do not access your content as long as you do not explicitly give us permission to do so, for example to provide you with support or other form of guidance. All Custellence personnel have signed confidentiality agreements upon employment.

Who owns the content I add to Custellence?
You own the full rights to the content you add to Custellence.

How do I know everything is saved? Is there any risk I will lose any content?
When you are online and work in the tool, all your changes are automatically saved. Custellence will warn you clearly when you are offline.

Is my data secure?
We take the security of your data very seriously and work continuously to keep it safe. Read our Security Policy and Privacy Policy to learn more about how Custellence keeps your data safe.

Price & Payment/plan

Will you store my credit card information?
We do not see or process your credit card information. All payment details are handled by our payment provider (Stripe) to maximize security. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest grade of payment processing security.

I don't want to pay by credit card, do you have other options?
Yes - for the Professional plan, we offer invoices payable through bank transfer (Swedish Bank Giro, or IBAN and SWIFT for international payments) as a payment option. Please contact us at for more information

Can I change my plan?
Yes, you can up- or downgrade any time you wish.
Read more about how to change your plan.

Do you have educational pricing?
Yes - we offer discounts for educational and research purposes. If you are a student or an educational institution, please get in touch with us at for more information

Are there any hidden costs that i should know about?
No - We add VAT on our net prices as stated in the price plan section. Apart from that our prices are straightforward with no extra fees.

I am paying by card but need an accountant-friendly invoice, where do find that?
You can always access your invoice with all payment details, and necessary information for bookkeeping. Read more and see what a Custellence invoice looks like

Do you offer partner deals?
Yes - If you are a freelancer, an independent advisor or small or large consultant agency, or an educational institution, don’t hesitate to contact us. We'd love to partner with other customer obsessed people and organizations!

My business has other needs or certain requirements, can you tailor a solution for me?
No matter if you are a large enterprise and in need of 10+ users, procurement support, or education and customer success, or if you are a smaller business that just wants to pay by invoice - we can help. Our Professional, Enterprise/Tailored solution is customized for your business. To discuss and set up a Tailored solution, please contact us at

Technical stuff

Can I use Custellence in any Internet browser?
Theoretically yes, but we strongly recommend you to use Chrome, Firefox or Edge. The Custellence experience is not that great on Safari and Internet Explorer.

Does Custellence work offline?
No - you have to be online to work in Custellence.

Do I need to download anything to work with Custellence?
No - Custellence is an online web application. You need a browser, the rest is in the cloud.

Does Custellence work on phones and tablets?
No - Custellence works only on desktops, not on smartphones or tablets.

Can I run Custellence on my own servers?
You can get Custellence on-premise, but it is not something we recommend. However if you for any reason would prefer this, please get in touch at

Do you have a technical specification that I can send to our IT department?
Please see our operations and security policy

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