Discover what you can do in a tool
designed for journey mapping

Create professional journey maps
in no time!

Minimum learning required

Custellence’s intuitive user interface let’s you get started with a minimum of effort.

The perfect map every time

Customer journey maps, user maps, service blueprints, experience maps. No matter what sort of map you are creating, we have you covered. No matter how big or small. Or how many maps you need. Custellence is flexible and lets you build the perfect map every time.

Smooth workflow

No more hassle in tools made for other stuff. Enjoy the smartness of a tool designed and created for journey mapping. For instance, add cards without having to re-align everything.

Add cards quick and effortless

Add cards and lanes with a simple click. Move them around by “drag and drop”. It’s super fast and super easy to build your map.

Flexible map structure

Feel free to create the lanes you need. Don't be limited by presets. (if you need inspiration we have plenty of great templates to choose from)

Use curve lanes to create empathy

Curve lanes let you to show customer emotions, effort – or why not show cost to implement?

Unique image collection

Images are great for building empathy and to get into the customer centric mindset. Add your own pictures, or choose from our unique image library.

Curated icons

Choose from a variety of carefully selected icons that will enhance your map every time. Our icons are designed to fit together, which saves you the hassle of matching different icons, styles or formats when creating your map.

Versatile color palette

Customize your maps and color-code your content. For instance, the accent colors are great for accentuating ideas, the most important insights, or priority areas in the customer journey.

Easy to add files to your map

You can upload any kind of files, documents or images to a map.

Templates to get you started

Get inspired, save time and get started faster with our popular templates, made by our customer journey mapping experts.

All your customer insights in one place

Organize and structure your customer insights, data, solutions and ideas in the map. There is no need to worry about a cluttered map: Use the sub-lanes for important stuff, explanations, images or links.

Build a journey map ecosystem

In prioritized areas you need detailed customer journey maps to cover the underlying steps. The maps in Custellence can all be connected to each other in a journey map ecosystem. That way you’ll never lose the customer context when working on a certain area in a customer journey.

Present and share your work – get everyone onboard!

Share maps with your team

Get commitment and shared ownership by inviting colleagues and stakeholders. Decide who gets to do what in a map, by setting different permissions for your collaborators.

Present your maps live

Present your work in progress by sharing your maps live.

Sub-lanes make the map more versatile

Put the detailed information into sub-lanes. Then decide when you want to show the big picture or go in to details, by hiding or showing the sub-lanes.
Export to PDF, PNG or CSV
Export your journey maps to a variety of formats and print them, use them in presentations or any way you like. You can even hang your map on the office wall if you wish :)

Co-create and collaborate – encourage everyone to contribute!

Easy for everyone to join

Get your team started with a minimum of effort. The easy-to-use tool makes it easy for everyone to participate.

Stay in control of your map

Share maps generously. Stay confident and in control. Don’t worry about cards getting moved or lost in maps. The map history and activity logs will keep track of who’s done what on a map, lane or a card.

Collaborate in real-time

Collaborate on the map with your colleagues at the same time, no matter where in the world you are and how many you are.

Invite for comments

Get your team or stakeholders to comment or give their feedback on the map.

Make your customer centric ambitions come true!

Your Customer Experience hub

Let the journey maps lead the way towards better customer experiences. Revisit, update, and use the maps as compasses in your day-to-day work.

The map as a change plan

Use your journey map as a change plan. The status settings on the cards let’s you define whether something shall be developed, be removed or just stay as it is.

Choose your own code system

Decide how you want to show progress on the map. How about using the priority icons (1, 2, 3) or different colored cards?

Never miss any changes in a map

Keep yourself updated. Check out who’s done what in the activity logs on the cards, lanes and the maps.

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