The best customer journeys are designed
in Custellence

Our easy-to-use tool supports you all the way from exploration to implementation

Create & Customize

  • Create professional looking and engaging journey maps by uploading images and by choosing from a large set of customized icons.
  • Customize the map for your needs. The unlimited map structure lets you decide the length and numbers of lanes and cards.
  • Use graphs the way you want. How about visualizing a customer's-emotional-experience next to the cost-to-implement. This is really powerful in the boardroom!

Bird's eye view & detailed information

  • Support better decisions by communicating a clear overview without too many details.
  • Instead of searching all over the place for important stuff like surveys and insights, keep all your customer journey insights in the map.
  • Are you presenting a broad view, or need to focus on the details? Choose the level of details in your data, by hiding or showing sub-lanes.

A map that drives change

  • A powerful change plan. Use the map to show progression: set different statuses on the cards and your map will stay aligned with reality.
  • For a discussion base or for keeping other teams in sync with the customer journey: refer with links directly to any card, lane or curve-point in Custellence.
  • Refer to, or link to other tools, websites or data anywhere from Custellence. Just write the URL on any card and a clickable link is automatically created.

Real time collaboration

  • Team up for for more efficiency, and collaborate in the same map in real-time, regardless of where your team happens to be.
  • Get commitment and shared ownership by sharing the maps to team and stakeholders.

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