Guide: get started with your workspace

Welcome to your workspace in Custellence! We’re constantly working on making Custellence a better tool for teamwork. Here’s is how you move into your workspace. It may take a little effort but it will be well worth it!

Before you start

Right now, you can choose which view you want to log in to. Either your workspace or your old map list. And when you are logged in, you can switch from your workspace to your map list and vice-versa in the upper right menu.

And please note, that as long as you have maps in your old map list, you will have access to the map list. However, we recommend you start moving your maps to your workspace right away – to get access to the advantages of your new workspace and the new features.

It may take a little effort but it will be well worth it!

Ready to move into your workspace? Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to as usual, and select workspace on the next page.
  2. You will now arrive in your workspace. This is where your maps will have their new home-base. It will most likely be empty, unless someone who’s an workspace admin in your Custellence team has moved maps into the workspace. If you are an admin for your workspace, you will also see the “Team admin” menu in the upper left menu.
  3. If your workspace is empty, it’s because you haven’t moved any maps into the workspace yet. No worries, all your maps are in your old map list at this time. You can switch views by going to the menu and select “My old map list”
  4. Now it’s time to move maps from your old map list to your new workspace.
  5. Start by going to the menu in the upper right corner.
  6. Click on your old map list. You’ll arrive in the old view. Now you are ready to start moving maps.
  7. Start by finding the map you want to move, and hover your mouse over the thumbnail. Click on “Place this map in a workspace”
  8. In the pop-up, choose the workspace you want to move your map into.
  9. If you have collections that you want to move into, also select the relevant collection in the scroll list. Don’t worry if there are no collections yet. If you are an admin of the workspace you can create them later. Learn more about map collections in this video.
  10. Click on make changes
  11. Now, you have moved the map from your old map list into the workspace. Well done🎉!The map you just moved, will no longer be visible in the old map list.
  12. Now you can go ahead and choose another map to move. Or, if you like to see them in your workspace, select the workspace in the upper right menu.
  13. We recommend that you move all the maps into your workspace as a first step. When you have moved all your maps to the workspace, you can start exploring and creating collections (if you are an admin of the workspace).

We hope you’ll enjoy your new workspace!

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ Workspace. And if you have feedback or ideas on how we can make Custellence and your workspace even better, email us at

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