Better customer journeys
means happier customers.

A tool for all kinds of Customer Journey Maps - intuitive, appealing and collaborative

Create & Customize

  • Custellence is intuitive and versatile. Customize it for any type of journey map.
  • Create the lanes you need. Custellence doesn't limit you to a predefined structure.
  • Easily resize events to fit your needs, as the journey map grows.
  • Use graphs the way you want. How about visualizing a customer's-emotional-experience next to the cost-to-implement. This is really powerful in the boardroom!

“Custellence is simple enough to use it intuitively, yet versatile enough to customise it for different types of journeys. I can create my own pattern of system visualisation both visually and logically.”

Kaya Kim, Service / Interaction Designer, Volkswagen AG

“By visualising the connection between the customer journey and internal processes, support systems and points of contact, it’s easier to ensure that the prioritized changes actually contribute to a better customer experience."

Kristina Staf, Project Manager, Ledarna

Bird's eye view & detailed information

  • Support better decisions by communicating a clear overview without too many details.
  • Implement faster and easier by keeping all essential detailed information in the map, where it is logical and handy for everyone to find it.
  • Place documents in context. Along with text, images or links, Custellence also supports document uploads.

“It’s easier to moderate discussions and make decisions when we’re looking at the same goals, instead of getting stuck in design details. This is why I love Custellence!”

Anna Kilander, Customer Development Manager, Modern Insurances

“The customer journeys and the detailed digitalization map based on those, help us see how it’s all connected. We use them in daily short term work as well as in long term prioritization and decisions making."

Christina Schiller, Head of Communications, Fora

A map that drive change

  • Avoid working with two versions; AS-IS and TO-BE customer journey maps. Custellence lets you combine those two and drive changes.
  • Tag cards which whether should Stay, be Removed, or Created.
  • A powerful change plan. Custellence is easy to learn with a focused set of features. This makes it easy to collaborate and keep a map up to date.

Custellence makes it possible for me to easily highlight needs, map customer experience and identify areas of improvement.

Kristina Staf, Project Manager, Ledarna

Real time collaboration

  • Keep your team collaborative. With Custellence you can work together in real time, regardless of where your team happens to be.
  • Transparency is the key to successful change. Easily share insights and progress using open links or private invites to your map.

Engaging people, keeping the bigger picture in mind and collaborating without having to be in the same room are important aspects in this project.

Pia McAleenan, Project Manager, Co-lab Sweden

After a few days with Custellence we were able to engage and get everyone onboard. It was like rocket fuel in our development process. Custellence makes it easy to agree on customer needs and prioritise based on them.

Anna Kilander, Customer Development Manager, Modern Insurances

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