Present a Strong Customer Case

Get buy-in from leaders and stakeholders

Feel confident when presenting. Maps in Custellence will catch the interest of your audience - so you can convey the customer story effectively to your teams and leaders.

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My job is to bring the customer story into the company while my colleagues work on their objectives. Time is a critical resource, and no one wants to look at long and complex documents.You only have a short time, and when I present a Custellence-map I get attention quickly and people get curious and want to know more.
Stephan Limpert, Head of Customer Experience & Quality Management,
StepStone Germany

Catch the interest of your stakeholders

Inspire empathy through visually appealing journey maps, without the need of a graphic designer: 

  • Color palette - Customize your maps and color-code your content. Use our predefined colors or set your own to match your brand. 
  • Upload your own images, or choose from our unique image library.
  • Curated icons - Choose from a variety of carefully selected icons that will enhance your map. 

Present your customer story with confidence

Enriching your maps with images and rich data makes a convincing customer case.

Having it all in one place, you can feel confident when presenting the customer journey map to leaders and stakeholders: 

  • Use sub-lanes to add as much rich data as you need, without getting a big hairy monster of a map. 
  • Hide or show sub-lanes, depending on who you are presenting the map to. 
  • The sub-cards can contain a mix of content types, such as images, PDFs, hyperlinks, or documents. 

Adapt your maps to your audience

High-level customer journeys or more detailed?

You can create maps on several levels of detail. For instance make a high-level journey map for management team. Then create a more detailed map in the areas you need to understand more in detail. 

Navigate easy with fast zoom & "Freeze" lanes

Moving around and navigating to different parts of a journey map - even a large one, is easy: 

  • zoom in and out of the map by pinching your touchpad or using the zoom- buttons 
  • the “freeze” feature is super handy when working on the lower part of a journey map and need to keep track on what journey step you are in. Just freeze the top lanes and scroll down in your map. 

Manage your journey map ecosystem

The maps in Custellence can all be connected to each other in a journey map ecosystem.

For example, connect a high-level customer journey map to a more detailed map. This lets you keep track on how they relate to one another. You’ll also avoid ending up with too large and messy maps.

Still want to hang a map on the office wall?

Export your journey maps to a variety of formats (PDF, PNG, or CSV). Use them in presentations, or get them printed.

You can even put your printed journey map on the office wall if you wish!

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