Customer Journey Map Template for Ideation

Here is a template that contains the basic elements of a Customer Journey Map made to generate new ideas and solutions without digging to deep into e.g. touch points. A professional Customer Journey Map always includes lanes describing Customer Phases, Journey, Needs and Emotions, and this template is a great starting point for any kind of Customer Journey mapping work. Once you have mapped the insights you have a good starting point for any kind of improvements ahead.

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The main focus of this map is to enable ideation and creation of solutions. Therefore it contains the additional lanes for “Potential opportunities” and one for “Ideas and Solutions”.

Map lanes and how to use them to create value

  • Customer Phases: Represents the overall phases in the Customer Journey, most often stated as Before, During and After using or experiencing a service or a product.
  • Customer Journey: In this lane, describe all the activities or situations that the customer goes through. To learn more about how to think about levels of details read about how to create a journey map part 3.
  • Customer Needs: Connected to each activity above, describe the customer’s need during this activity.
  • Emotional Curve: Describe the customer’s emotional state connected to each activity. If the customer is happy the curve goes up, and vice versa. To explain the emotional state - use the sub-lane for Customer Experience Explanations.
  • Potential Opportunities: After having mapped the Customer Journey, the Needs and Emotions, you can start to map Potential Opportunities. Where are the opportunities for change and improvements? Look for places where the emotional curve is low. If solving this customer need while also benefiting the business or solve business needs, you have a perfect opportunity to create customer centric change and profitability. Bingo!
  • Ideas: It’s ideation time! In these lanes, place all the ideas and solutions you can come up with to solve the opportunities you discovered in the lane above.

How to optimize your map when working in Custellence: Try to be to the point and write “headlines” in the card (no novels here!). Instead use the sublanes for details and to explain the cards. This way you will have a map with both a great overview and with all the deeper data well documented.

This template is also great for workshops. Either you print this version to work IRL, or just work straight in Custellence with your team. You don’t have to be at the same site anymore if you don’t want to. Custellence is made for real time workshopping.

How to run the workshop based on this template

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