Elderly Need For Care Customer Journey Map Template

Are you working on developing the experience and customer journey for medical treatments or care? This template will help you get faster and better results and successfully achieve your goals.

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The template builds on work done with elderly care (Eldercare Customer Journey) for several Swedish local authorities over the past years. This template is also a good starting point for other medical and care services that match the following criteria:

  • The services are not for pleasure, but rather sometimes reluctantly forced onto the customer
  • The customer may not even be a customer but more a user without that much of a choice
  • A second target group is involved, e.g. a next of kin, relative, or other contact person
  • Several service providers and organisations are having to cooperate to deliver value and a good experience

Example of Customer Journey, Experience Maps or Service Blueprints in other fields where this template could provide a good starting point:

  • Aging and Independence Service Customer Journey Map
  • Home Care Service Customer Journey Map
  • Geriatric Care Customer Journey Map
  • Hospice Customer Journey Map
  • Palliative Care Customer Journey Map
  • Adult Day Health Care Customer Journey Map

It might also be appropriate to consider other kinds of Customer Journey Maps or Experience Maps for life changing medical treatment and care.

In the template we have mapped out major steps in the elderly person’s and next of kin’s journey. Modify it to reflect your customers’ needs and organisational ability. Delete lanes and sub-lanes you don’t need and add new ones.

The map is divided into four sections:

  • The green section: At the top, are the Customer Lanes. We always recommend having the customer lanes at the top to point out that this is the starting point. There are two target groups, the elder and the next of kin.
  • The yellow section: In the middle are the On-Stage Lanes, consisting of touch-points from different providers.
  • The red section: A lane called Main Challenges is used to provide a summary and analysis. This is a starting point for the development section below it.
  • The blue section: At the bottom are the development lanes. Priority, Ideas and Work Streams. The Sub-lanes in the Priority Curve Lane are based on an Action Priority Matrix.

Below is the Priority Matrix used in the Development Priority Sub-lane.

Download the images here to use them in your map:

The map is designed to provide a clear and balanced overview, not too overwhelming, for e.g. a decision group - but with all the deeper insights and details covered in the sub-lanes.

The Sub-lane Insight Evidence, in the Lane Customers Emotional State, is there to help you make notes about what kind of customer insights you rely on. Are they true, research based or assumptions and wishful thinking?

Use Custellence to map, analyse, innovate, engage, implement and keep improving! Create a common vision and plan to synchronize several involved providers and improve the quality of life for people in need of care. Most of us will sooner or later go through this journey.

Good luck!

Last updated: April 27, 2022

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