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The Practical Service Design Blueprint Template

The Practical Service Design (PSD) blueprint is a version of the traditional Service Blueprint model, and in essence it simplifies the more complex traditional service blueprints. The PSD model is not so tightly connected to the internal processes and support systems, which is great. The benefits of this are that the PSD blueprint format makes it easier to paint a picture without getting too deep in details explaining all the dependencies. This format is very effective in creating a good overall orientation, and insights for actions and ideation.

The Practical Service Design Blueprint Template

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A purpose made tool like Custellence has many advantages compared to to e.g. online whiteboard tools. Custellence is a purpose-built intuitive tool for journey mapping and service blueprinting. And it comes with the online presentation and multi-user collaboration features as well.

The benefits of using Custellence in your project:

  • You will get a structure designed for journey mapping, so you don’t have to start with plotting out empty cards or spending time rearranging cards, aligning them to each other or fixing the grid as you go along. This will help you focus more on the journey and blueprint and less on the structure.
  • You have curves at your hand to show e.g. “customer emotions” or “cost to implement”. It’s very powerful to visualize an emotional curve as opposed to just explain it in a text. After all, it’s all about the experience.
  • You will get swimlanes that represent different categories or areas, rather than having to cluster cards of the same color in different places in the map. This makes it easy to visualize and understand how touchpoints, people, processes and customer steps are connected throughout the customer journey flow.
  • You will be able to create a map that contains both the high-level steps that usually are summarised on post-its, as well as more detailed information that is needed for understanding. This is done by using sub-lanes, which are easy to hide and show.

Check out this video showing how you can use the PSD Blueprint in Custellence.

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