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Perhaps now’s the time to connect with one of our Custellence Partners for a chat. The Custellence Partners are agencies who are experts in helping organizations to successfully become more customer-centric.

They share the belief that organizations shouldn't be dependent on consultants, but nevertheless understand that in order to be independent, people need good advice and support from time to time.

When you don’t have all the know-how internally, a Custellence Partner can be a good solution to get faster and better results.

Typical Get Started Questions answered by our Custellence Partners:

  • Can you help us with tailored training in Customer Journey Mapping basics?
  • How can we create map structures or templates suited for our organization and project?
  • How do we segment our customers to get the most valuable Customer Journey Maps?
  • How many maps do we need to create? How detailed or general shall we make them? What maps should we start with?
  • How do we convince senior managers about the value of customer/centricity and journey mapping?
  • How do we migrate our existing maps into Custellence?

Typical Advanced Questions answered by our Custellence Partners:

  • We have been journey mapping for a while, but how do we turn our insights into action?
  • Who is responsible for keeping the maps up-to-date? How do we organize in order to create ownership of the maps and keep them updated?
  • How might we get a review or second opinion on our various maps we work with to get even more value out of it?
  • Can you help us get more deep customer insights through design research?
  • How do we connect our internal processes to our Customer Journey Maps?

Our Custellence Partners


Marc Fonteijn


Emma Zetterman


Gustav Gullberg


Johan Sjöström


Anders Heurlin

Savvy Design Collaborative

Anna Grieves


Anna Simon

EPIC Consulting

Ghulam Husnain Ali

Kaospilot Experience Design

Andy Sontag

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