Limited offer: Get free coaching sessions from our experts, when you buy a Team+ Yearly plan before end of January 2021.

Limited offer until January 31: Get 3 coaching sessions with one of our Customer journey mapping experts

We want you to get the most out of Custellence and to succeed with your customer experience goals. That’s why we now give everyone that buys the Team+ Yearly plan, 3 customized coaching sessions with one of our CX and journey mapping experts.

Here is what you’ll get

When you buy the Team+ plan Yearly, we also give you 3 tailored coaching sessions (3 web meetings, 1 each), based on your business needs and challenges.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, or how far your organisation has come. We will focus on the things you need right now to get a quick start and the confidence to dig into your journey mapping work!

Typical challenges we can address during the session:

  • How do I create my own template, based on our business?
  • How do we connect our internal processes to our customer journey maps?
  • Who should I invite to the journey mapping team?
  • How do create a good environment for teamwork?
  • What are the most common steps to take?
  • How detailed should my customer journey map be?
  • I have a map already, how do I make sure I have actionable insights to go ahead and work with?
  • How do we manage complex customer journeys with alternativt paths and different levels of detail?
  • How do we scale the customer journey work in our organisation?

How it works: Click on the button above. You will be redirected to an email where you simply contact us. In the email, write how many users you’d like to have in your Team+ plan. We will contact you shortly after, to set up the plan, payment and coaching sessions for you.

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