How Much Insights Do I Need When Customer Journey Mapping?

We often hear that “I don’t have enough insights to start mapping the customer journey”. But hey, don’t wait to get started until you have enough insights. In fact, you can start journey mapping without a single customer-true insight.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Instead, just gather your team and start mapping the assumptions that you have about what the customer goes through. Perhaps you also have a bunch of customer research laying around that can be put into the map. Once you have started like this, you will naturally come to areas in the journey map where you realise you only have assumptions and it will be clear what kind of insights you lack and need to collect. Most often these are the areas that are important to the business or where you know you have customer experience issues. Now that’s when you should do some proper customer research.

By taking this approach, you will get a good starting-point for further mapping without the delay of unnecessary research activities. Also, putting yourselves in the customer’s shoes by imagining what the customer goes through, is a very good way to get yourself and your colleagues into a customer mindset and to build empathy.

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